3 Steps to Manifesting More Money

There are no shortcuts to manifesting more money. The process is so simple most people don’t believe it. They try to complicate the process and give up feeling frustrated or believing it doesn’t work for them. It comes down to 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Believing It
3 Steps to Manifesting More Money (1)See yourself having more money. You can’t manifest anything unless you can see yourself having or doing it. If you don’t believe you’ll have more you’ll always struggle financially. This is where visualization is so vital to your success. Many professional athletes use visualization to see themselves making the winning shot. Do you visualize yourself getting a raise, bonus, your bank account increasing or paying off debt? Do you see yourself getting a new job or clients? What do you see yourself doing or having when you do have more money? Until you see yourself having more money it won’t happen. Plant seeds to receiving more by visualizing your life when you have more money.

Step 2 – Managing It
Money is energy. Track your spending habits and money. Notice what you’re it spending on. See if you’re using money to buy stuff to make you feel better. Whether it’s clothes, food, or activities, are your spending habits keeping you stuck in a loop of frustration and fear? Managing money is one way to plug the energy leaks. It’s a simple tool to help you manage it by knowing where your money is going. Do you want to get out of debt or save up for something special? Reviewing your spending habits and reallocate your spending so you can save for what you want or apply additional money towards paying off debt.

Step 3 – Be a Money Magnet
While it’s important to see yourself having more it’s even more vital to feel yourself having more. You magnify everything you feel. Get into how you feel about money. A positive feelingization is where you are grateful, and feel wealthy for everything you presently have. Gratitude is the key that unlocks the door to receiving more. Be grateful for the money you have now without feeling it’s not enough. Bless the money you have. Notice how you feel when you pay bills or buy something. You can shift feelings of worry, guilt, or shame by feeling grateful for what you have. These activities magnify your vibration that in turn will help you manifest more money. The universe loves a heart filled with gratitude.

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