3 Tips to Create Money Miracles

It’s Financial Freedom Friday

Manifesting from desperation.
There nothing worse then trying to manifest money (or anything) when you’re vibrating from a place of desperation. You know that place where you’ve got to have it or else. Desperation is a low vibration, which only attracts more opportunities to feel desperate. Here are 3 tips to help you create money miracles.

Tip 1 – Cleanse Money
I’m not talking about laundering money – that illegal! This is about energetically cleansing money you receive. Since money is handled by a lot of different people, each having their own fears and worries about it, why not cleanse what you get? You pick up on the subtle energies that are transferred with the money in circulation. As a result, you absorb that energy. Even if you’re not physically handling it, it’s still a part of the collective consciousness. Create a ritual that helps you clear the money you receive. When I receive a payment, a check, or cash, I envision the money being rinsed under a waterfall that is divinely infused with unconditional love. As the toxins and negativity are released, the money is “enlightened.” This practice of releasing the old energy and infusing it with a higher vibration helps me feel gratitude for what I’ve received. As a result, this aligns me with money on a higher level and I attract more of it to me. Give it a try!

Tip 2 – Celebrate Your Bills
Want to create money miracles? Start blessing all of you bills as they arrive. When you open up your bill or credit card statement look only at the minimum payment, and celebrate that you have the amount of money you need to cover the payment. Either out loud or silently shout out, “Woo hoo, I have that amount! I’m rich and can pay that!” It may sound silly, but since the subconscious can’t reason it only believes what you tell it. So keep telling it you’re rich. Enthusiasm is contagious. After doing this for a month I started to see some amazing money miracles. Money appeared from the most interesting place and in interesting ways. Is your rational mind is always figuring out where money will come from? If you always have an expectation of where it comes from then you may shut down the flow. Be open to new sources and resources.

Tip 3 – Clear Your Root Chakraroot-chakra-eos
Money is the “root” of stress and worry for many people. The root chakra is the energy center for basic survival needs. Of course you need money to buy food, housing, clothes, and other necessities. It’s easy to get caught in the “not enough” situation. You may be unaware this is even happening. You also carry beliefs from your family in your DNA about survival. These fears and limiting beliefs plug up your energetic system making it difficult, if not impossible, to break through them. Bringing awareness to your needs and the actual money you get is one way to be mindful about what energy you’re holding in your root chakra. As you pay attention to how you interact with money and nip any fears of scarcity or limitation, you’ll clear the energetic channels so you receive more.

Also look for energetic blocks in your root chakra by looking at what’s taking place in your physical body. The physical body is a representation of what is taking place with you on an emotional level. Continuous thoughts and beliefs shift our vibration, causing a breakdown in the physical body. Imbalances in the root chakra may show up in the physical body as issues in the legs, lower back, blood, intestines, immune system, bones, and teeth. These may be energetically attributed to feeling vulnerable, rejected, or isolated. You may feel unprotected, have difficulty trusting, feel scattered, or difficulty in setting or keeping boundaries. Being mindful of your emotions and behavior, consciously shifting them will shift your energy and strengthen your root chakra.

Practice these tips over the next couple of weeks and see what money miracles show up for you.
Share your money miracles with us. Make a comment below.

Until next time – wishing you an extraordinarily, abundant week!

Jana Groscost


Jana is a metaphysical teacher, healer, writer, and speaker. As a retired tax accountant she passionately helps individuals and heart-centered business owners learn how to create financial success and manifest a purpose driven life.

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