5 Goals You Can Still Achieve

Final Countdown 2015It’s the final countdown.
We’re in the home stretch of 2015. With around 60 days left, what is still on your list you want to achieve before we begin the New Year?

Setting goals and New Year’s resolutions can be overwhelming.
Of course we all want instant results. And often when the goals don’t begin to take shape right away, we loose interest. For years I saw this pattern. As athletic instructor, my class size would almost double for the first two weeks of the New Year. After the first week almost half the people would drop out, and within about two weeks the class was back to the regular crowd.

People have unrealistic expectations around goals.
They often give up As a result they give up instead of celebrating the incremental steps. There is still time left in the year to accomplish something on your list. You may be more likely to stick to the 2016 goals if you get started now.

1. Spend Money on Yourself
Take a trip, go on a retreat, visit friends and family or indulge in a spa day. People who spend money on themselves and experience life are typically happier. Take a friend to a concert, book a trip, or do something impulsive that brings you joy. It’s important to value yourself and spend mone on you.

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
Living within your comfort zone doesn’t help you get any closer to your goals. Be bold. Do something daring that you never thought you could do. Who knows, maybe each month you can do something outside of your comfort zone. Stepping outside of your comfort zone helps you meet new people and gain new perspectives. Jump into life with both feet! You may be surprised at your strength and courage.

3. Take Care of Your Body
The ability to manifest stems from the belief that “I am enough.” Often we undervalue our physical body and abuse it. How can you receive more when you believe you’re not enough? It can’t happen. Create healthy habits by adding light exercise to your daily routine; making better food choices, cutting down on sugar and processed foods; cutting back on alcohol, drugs, or smoking are all healthy ways to take care of the amazing vehicle that carries you through life. Take care of it.

4. Stop Negative Thoughts and Judgement
Wow, this would be a great practice to engage in for the next 60 days. It’s amazing how easily the negative thoughts and judgement of ourselves and others creeps in. Soon we follow it down a slipery slope, dregrading and deceiving ourselves. Practice it for one day… then two… then three. We change our mind by thought by thought.

5. Keep Focused
With year-end just around the corner it’s easy to say, “I’ll start next year.” But there is still plenty of time to brainstorm ideas and mastermind with other people. This will give you a jump start on the New Year. By developing a plan now, you’ll begin the habits to create success.

Jana Groscost


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