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Congratulations on taking the first step in manifesting an extraordinary, abundant life. You’ll receive the tools you need to create practical habits to release limitations and manifest more.

You’ll be receiving email about every 6 days with information about the Gene Key (DNA Portal) we will be working through. This email will contain empowering questions to help you recognize unresolved issues, so you can use tools provided through this program to clear them, and make conscious choices to change them. If you’re willing to go with the flow and navigate through the energetic currents, your results will be astounding!

As a DNA Activation Member, you’ll have access to each Gene Keys (I Ching hexagrams) rich content as the sun activates the neutrino field. You can dive in as deep as you choose. The information can be complex and boggle the mind. You body and soul know what to do, simply by being open to the information will help heal your DNA on a quantum level. This goes beyond the limitation of the mind and it’s ability to understand the entire process. Through wisdom each of the Gene Keys provides, you’ll be able to consciously see patterns, face fears and overcome limiting beliefs so you’ll create a new programming, build confidence and feel empowered.

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