Do you recall a particular smell that triggers a memory?
Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it isn’t.

We have been unconsciously programmed with smells and scents, such as your grandmother’s perfume, baking cookies with your mom, or other experiences. When we smell these aromas we are instantly reminded of a memory.
Since this occurred unconsciously, why not program the subconscious to help us manifest what we want?

It’s a simple process. Pick an essential oil that you want use for the programming.
– Place a drop or two in your hands
– Cup your hands over your nose and mouth
– Breathe the aroma in while reciting affirmations or empowering questions
– Focus your attention on what you want to create
– Be mindful of how you feel

Practice this exercise every day for three weeks. You’re consciously programming the brain to remember the connection between the aroma and the affirmation or empowering question.

I love using wild orange essential oil. The aroma is invigorating and uplifting. It reminds me of the hot summer days eating cool oranges on the porch as a kid. Orange trees are abundant, often overflowing with fruit. This abundance is symbolic and reminds me that the Universe is abundant and gives to everyone who is willing to receive.

Try different aromas until you find what works for you. You can pick an essential oil or blend some of your favorites together each month as you set your goals with the new moon. You can select an essential oil or blend a few together as you set your intentions for the year.

Essential oils can help us reprogram the subconscious when we use them in conjunction with affirmation and empowering questions. This way we can override limiting beliefs and manifest what we want.