Are You Thinking Your Way To Success?

Imagine thinking, “Wow, that’s a great idea! This is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. The universe is really supporting me!” You’re excited. You write out some notes. Maybe you share your idea with a few people. Then nothing happens. Why is that?

Some people are great at generating ideas.
They may think, “This is just the ticket.” Yet months later nothing has changed. What happened? Why can’t we be successful? There are many reasons we never take action. The big question is are you thinking your way to success or failure?

Stop listening to the inner critic.
You don’t even need to pitch your idea to someone else to have it shot down. We all have that inner critic that tells us all the reasons it won’t work. Did you know that we have about 50,000 conversations in our head every day? And researches have found that of those thoughts about 80% of them are negative. It’s like have someone constantly bulling us. But that bully is us. It hard the be successful when we’re thinking negatively, reminding us of all the reason we can’t succeed.

Stop believing the inner critic.

Take notice of the inner dialogue and stop the thoughts that make you feel poorly about yourself, or feel that you’re unworthy, or believe you won’t be successful. Detach from these thoughts, and stop taking them personally. Observe the thoughts without emotionally reacting to them. Think about where these thoughts came from. Acknowledge the messages, and find ways to move beyond them.

Stop listening to other people.
There is nothing worse than being excited about an idea only to have it put down by others. We don’t need outside critics to validate our inner one. Keep in mind, if you’re doubting your idea, you’ll attract people that will deflate it too. Share ideas with people that will be supportive, while objective. Sometimes our ideas aren’t that great. Find mastermind partners that listen and provide feedback without dampening your spirit.

Overly ambitious ideas.
Ideas are supposed to be big, innovative, and expansive. We will never get out of a rut by following the same path. The problem is that most ideas seem to be so big that most people don’t believe they could ever pull them off. It’s not about taking big action to get big results. It’s about taking consistent action. I’m sure you’ve heard the question, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” The point being that when we only look at the end product, it does feel daunting, overwhelming, or impossible. But when we break the tasks into sizable chunks that are manageable or doable, it makes it easier to take action. Over time there is progress towards the goal and eventual success.

They think they will fail.
Many people never take action because they fear they will fail. They never even try. The simply give up on following their dreams. Some people may have tried something that didn’t work out, so they give up ever trying. Overcome the fear of failure by focusing on success you’ve had. This gives us the courage to try new things.

Fearful about taking risks.
Some people are fearful about taking any risk. Helen Keller said, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing.” Think about the real risks involved. What is there to lose if do nothing? What will be gained if you do succeed? Confidence is built by trying difficult things. Some adventures are successful. Others are opportunities for lessons and personal growth. Each is a stepping stone towards your overall success. Sometimes we need to let go of the perceived or expected result to see the real purpose for the opportunity.

Thinking successful thoughts is a journey.
When I was a child I was painfully shy. When someone would talk with me as a child I would look down at my feet, ignore them or hide behind my mother. I didn’t grow out of that shyness. While in middle school choir, I was selected to sing with a small group of other girls. I was fine singing in the choir, but now I was singled out as the only soprano in the group. I was mortified that I would sing out of key and everyone would hear me. I guess I was successful at it, I was asked to perform all three years I was in the choir. After graduating from high school I was asked to teach aerobic classes. I didn’t ask for this! Someone saw the potential within me. I was scared to death to be in front of a group of people instructing them while demonstrating the activities. I guess I was successful at it, I did it for 13 years. For the most part I’ve overcome the fear of getting in front of people and sharing a message. I still get nervous. But over the years, I have been pushed out of my comfort zone far beyond what I thought was possible for me for a reason. These experiences (and others) have helped me reach beyond my fear and realize that I have the support to help me be successful. I have a powerful message to help people heal. And every time I think, “I can’t do that project or I don’t know how to get this going.” I draw from my experiences and see how far I’ve come and how the universe supports me.

You too have the inner wisdom that guides and supports you to create success.
It’s time to stop listening to all the reasons you can’t succeed. It’s up to you to learn to manage your thoughts and take action towards finding the success you want.

Now get out there and follow your brilliance. Abundance is yours!

How has this inspired you? Share your comments below!

Jana Groscost


Jana is a metaphysical teacher, healer, writer, and speaker. As a retired tax accountant she passionately helps individuals and heart-centered business owners learn how to create financial success and manifest a purpose driven life.


  1. Sharyn /Reply

    Thanks Jana, Just another Aha moment to remind of the all the gifts I’ve been given including you. I wanted to let you know that 14 is in my chart and it’s all so much in line with a wonderful book (which I listening to) called Scovel Shinn “The Game of Life (and How to Play It)” by Florence Scovel Shinn. I’m attaching a youtube link to pass on in case any one is interested.

    1. Jana Groscost
      Jana Groscost /Reply

      Thanks for sharing and the link! I LOVE that book. I read it about 20 years ago. I have the 14 in Mars from my chart. It’s so incredibly powerful! It’s no wonder I’m passionate about helping people create abundance. Which planet in your chart does the 14th hex sit?

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