Chakra Balancing
with DoTerra Essential Oils

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presented by

Master Teacher/Healer Jana Matthews


Are you ready to create more balance?
Are you getting in your own way of success?


Then you’ll want to join us for a 5-week transformational event!

This course is normally $110


However, I’m offering this series absolutely FREE



Because I want you to

manifest all your dreams!


During this course you will
– learn how to identify imbalances
– quickly rebalance your system
– gain knowledge and tools to help you stay in balance
– utilize natural gifts (essential oils) to enhance healing
– discover hidden aspects of yourself that affect success

DoTerra Essential Oils Used for the Course Include

Oils Used Each Week: AromaTouch, On Guard, White Fir PLUS oils listed below
Week 1 1st Chakra – Balance Blend
Week 2 2nd & 3rd Chakras – Whisper & Citrus Bliss Blends
Week 3 4th & 5th Chakras – Breathe & Serenity Blends
Week 4 6th & 7th Chakras – Immortelle & Elevation Blends
Week 5 8th Chakra & Balancing of 7 major chakras- All oils listed above


Why use Essential Oils?

We are all made up of energy. Everything we experience is energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy. Our emotions play a BIG role in the ability to balance our system. As a healer I know how difficult it is to hold a consistent vibration or purify our thoughts so we can move beyond the current vibration we hold. According to Dr. David Hawkins in his book, Power versus Force, most people never change vibration. In fact, most people vibrate under a rate of 200 which is the vibration of Courage.
We need help. High quality grade essential oils help us because they hold a consistent vibration that supports our emotional healing process. As we heal the emotions the physical body also has the opportunity to heal. Smelling the oils, applying them to the body, and taking them internally get the vibration into the body, changing the blood chemistry and our vibration. Can you do this class without them? Yes. However, I’ve found that consistently using DoTerra’s essential oils accelerates the healing process. And we live in a time that wants quick results. I’ve used other essential oils in my holistic practice and I never saw the quality or results I’ve seen in using DoTerra’s essential oils.
For information about purchasing essential oils for the class click here or contact our office at 805.270.5575 to learn how to get these amazing oils at a 25% discount.


Class Schedule

Wednesdays – Oct 22nd – Nov 19th, 2014
8pm EST | 7pm CST | 6pm MST | 5pm PST

Classes are recorded and available for a week after the class


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