The Sanskrit word “chakra” literally translates to mean a wheel or disk. Chakras are the energy centers in our body that funnel energy flows. Like gravity, we may not be able to physically see them, but we can learn to sense or recognize when there are imbalances within them.

The seven primary energy centers are located from the base of the torso to the crown of the head. Meditation GirlThese can be imagined as swirling funnels, sort of like a cyclone, which gathers information and brings it into the body for processing.

What causes imbalances?
Energy is fluid and in constant motion. As we interact with other people we exchange energy or information without even realizing it. People are like mirrors and reflect back what we are projecting. Chakras become imbalanced when unresolved emotional wounds are triggered. Ongoing imbalances in the energy fields potentially breaks down the physical body. This may show up as physical issues or breakdown in organs and tissue related to the function of that chakra.

For example, a woman has an argument with her boss. She thinks, “He never listens to me.” Frustrated, she emotionally shuts down and develops a sore throat and laryngitis. These symptoms symbolize the stuck energy from feeling unheard. In this case, recognizing the correlation between the physical symptoms and emotional distress helps us to resolve stuck energy and heal the physical body.

How do we recognize imbalance?
We can look at our physical symptoms, issues, or dis-ease as a symbolic representation of imbalances in the chakras. The physical location of a particular chakra, governs various parts of the body such as the nerves, glands, organs and other functions. Sometimes multiple chakras effect a specific physical issue. For example, people who have experienced abuse often have imbalances in the first, third, fifth, and seventh chakras.


How do we balance chakras?
Keeping the chakras open, clear, and aligned is optimal for processing information. When you notice imbalances in the body or particular behaviors, use the above chart for balancing recommendations. Here are some simple steps to re-balance them:

1) Find a quiet place where you are free from distractions
2) Sit so you back and neck are aligned
3) Take a few deep breaths to clear your mind
4) Begin at the root chakra and apply essential oils to the chakras
5) Breath deeply as you focus on each chakra, noticing what you sense
6) Imagine a beautiful light filling that chakra with unconditional love and light
7) Breath out any tension, stress, or discomfort
8) Repeat mantras or affirmations such as I am safe, I am powerful, I am expressive, etc.
9) Repeat these steps until you’ve gone through all seven chakras
10) Write down any notes or impressions, and surround yourself with a bubble of white light

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