Chinese New Year – Wealth and Blessings

It’s Financial Freedom Friday!
Time to get your New Year’s financial goals in order and this year we have help from Chinese Astrology.

We’ve moved into the Year of the Rooster
Each year, at the time of the Chinese New Year we are influenced by a the characteristics of Chinese astrology and the animal that is represented. In 2017 we are inspired with the Fire Rooster. Each animal has distinctive characteristics that we can use to enhance our ability to manifest more.

What to focus on this year?
The Year of the Rooster encourages us to review finances. It’s important to spend time creating a plan to pay off personal debt. This includes credit card debt, car loans, personal loans, and any other personal debt. This does not include student loans or your mortgage. However, if you’re in a position to do this – go for it!

Fire Rooster and Wealth, Prosperity, and Blessings
The Fire Rooster supports you by boosting your Wealth, Prosperity, and Blessings corner of the Ba-gua map. This integrates the function of intention of Feng Shui. The Chinese believe in the spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to qi (energy or life force). The way a room is arranged and the elements in the space effects the ability to manifest because of the flow of energy. Since I love playing with energy, I have integrated Feng Shui principles into my home and office. The Year of the Fire Rooster reminds us to tidy up the Wealth, Prosperity, and Blessings area of our space. You can do this in every room of your space and/or the entire home/office.

Where is the Wealth, Prosperity, and Blessings Area? Bagua Map
While standing in the entry of the space you’re working with align the map below with the areas of the room. The purple square in the upper left corner is the wealth, prosperity, and blessings corner.

Three ways to change the energy of your wealth and prosperity corner

1) Add a jar of coins or other money in the wealth and prosperity corner. I have coins that I’ve found, dollar bills that were significant such as winning a bet, and foreign coins and dollars in my corner. I even have 3 lucky Chinese coins tied together.

2) Bring in other elements that symbolically represent wealth and abundance for you. This could be a picture, Chinese calligraphy, crystals, or anything else that inspires you.

3) Add 10 drops of Wild Orange essential oil to a 2 ounce water bottle and spray your entire space with the mixture. Wild orange inspires creativity, provides an uplifting scent that may motivate you to take action.

What are you inspired to add to your Wealth, Prosperity and Blessings corner?
Share your inspiration by commenting below!

Jana Groscost


Jana is a metaphysical teacher, healer, writer, and speaker. As a retired tax accountant she passionately helps individuals and heart-centered business owners learn how to create financial success and manifest a purpose driven life.

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