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DNA Activation

DNA Activation gives you access to each month’s information about activating your DNA as we transition through each of the I Ching hexagrams. The we move through each hexagram the sun activates the neutrino fields which gives us an opportunity to release tightly held beliefs stuck in your DNA. These false beliefs exist in your DNA because of the programming passed down from your ancestors. They had thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that were a part of their genetic makeup. Through the DNA activation program you’ll have the opportunity to release old programming as you learn about the shadow side (lower vibration) and gift (higher vibration) of each Gene Key. As a result, you’ll allow more light to emit from within your cells, you’ll be able to anchor more light, you’ll be lest reactive and allow for transformational healing on a deep, quantum level so you create a wildly abundant life.

  • emails every 6 days with DNA Activation information
  • Webinars to help you understand your unique Human Design chart
  • meditations and exercises related to the 64 Gene Keys (I Ching hexagrams)

Each month you’ll receive around 5 emails (every 5-6 days) with information about the Gene Key we will be transitioning through. Through your awareness of what may being triggered by each Gene Key, you have tools to help manage and amplify the energy. Each Gene Key has a PDF with a summary of information related to it, where it’s being activated in your body, essential oils to support you, and a meditation/visualization activity to help navigate the energy. Through this information you’ll unwind restrictions and limitations within your DNA. You’ll access more light from within your DNA and transcent deep-seated emotional issues.

The Annual Subscription investment give you 2 free months of access versus the monthly subscription option.

DNA Activation - Annual Subscription
DNA Activation - Annual Subscription
Save 17% over the monthly subscription rate by investing in the DNA Activation annual subscription. You'll have access to 64 Gene Keys (I Ching hexagrams).
Price: $470.00

DNA Activation Monthly Subscription
DNA Activation Monthly Subscription
DNA Activation monthly subscription gives you full access to each month's information as we transition through each of the 64 I Ching hexagrams.
Price: $47.00

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