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Abundance is about more than just money. We can have an abundance of friends, loving family, lead a healthy life, feel peaceful, and yes, receive an abundance of money. When we learn to align with what we want, we get it. But to get there we need tools to help us overcome anything that causes us to hold a lower vibration. Past programming, inaccurate beliefs, incorrect thoughts, lower vibrating emotions, and issues in our DNA stop us from attracting what we want. This course is designed to help you release the Shadow side, fears and lower frequencies, so you can claim the Gift by learning the lesson. To track our process we utilize tools such as the full moons and astrology, along with the I Ching Gene Keys. You don’t need to know much about these tools, just open your heart and mind.

DNA Activation – Gene Keys (I Ching)

Did you know you have a unique genetic sequence that dictates the unfolding of your true nature?

It’s true! The purpose of this course is to help you unlock this higher purpose hidden in your DNA. As we unwind the DNA through each of the “Ancient Chinese Secret” of the 64 I Ching hexagrams, we crack the code that allows us to awaken. We allow our cells to literally emit more light. And as we exude this light, we attract more light.

Within your DNA are the keys to help you grow, evolve, and manifest more.
Your DNA holds the programming of your ancestors and limits your ability to create. Through this course we work through the 64 Gene Keys to help unwind tightly held beliefs that hold you back from manifesting authentically.

Every 5-6 days the sun moves through one of the 64 Gene Keys or I Ching Hexagrams. We benefit from this because we can consciously look at the Shadow aspect of the Gene Keys and the Gift they hold for us if we are willing to let go of the old patterns. You don’t necessarily need to understand this to make it work. I provide manageable information and key questions to ask as we transition through the hexagrams. It’s important to be open to the process and allow yourself to flow with it.

You alone are the architect of your evolution.

Full Moon Release

In addition to the DNA Activation through the Gene Keys, we will also work with the lunar cycles, especially the Full Moon which provides a fertile field for releasing emotions, patterns, and behaviors. I provide you with the tools to understand yourself and the process better. The tangible exercises help you feel empowered with your emotional healing. You feel like you’re in control. You’ll also learn how to track the subtle synchronicities in your life, so manifesting becomes effortless.

The moon represents the emotional side of ourselves; the dark or hidden aspects. When there is a New Moon, the sun and moon are in the same astrological sign. Inner Moon series. Abstract design made of moon human profile and design elements on the subject of spirit world dreams imagination astrology and the mind[/caption]Typically our emotions are in a calmer state. We have more clarity and feel less influenced by our emotions. This is the perfect time to set new intentions and begin new projects.

When the moon is full, the sun is in astrological house and the moon is in the opposite one. For example, when the sun is in Aries the full moon is in Libra. Aries represents the self and Libra represents others. We learn about emotional wounds and patterns that need to be resolved with the full moon because we are seeking balance between opposing forces; in this case the needs of me (Aries) and the needs of others (Libra).

How This Program Works

Each month there is a conference call on the second or third Wednesday close to the full moon. There will be information about the current Full Moon and Gene Key, how to work with them, and an meditation or exercises to help you release. Every 5-6 days you will also receive an email with information about the current Gene Key and how to work with it to enhance your release work. You’ll also have access to a “members area” where you can find meditations, videos, written material, and other tools to help keep you on track with the healing work.

  • Recorded guided imagery meditations/visualizations
  • Gene Key (I Ching) information to unwind the DNA (email every 5-6 days)
  • Essential oil recommendations to support the DNA and emotional release work
  • Chakra balancing information
  • Human Design information
  • Webinars with DNA activation
  • Motivational material

Do you want your life to move forward at an extraordinary pace?

The DNA Activation and Full Moon program provides you with tangible solutions to empower you. Join us as we uncover your hidden aspects, resolve emotional wounds, and help you claim the life you are meant to lead.

Is this right for you?

1. Are you willing to shift your thinking?
Thoughts are so powerful. Every thought we have holds the seed for change. We often discount or ignore them. So I ask you, are you open to shift your thoughts?

2. Are you committed to doing the work?
This program is designed to help you make big shifts. I’ve been working this system with a core group for the past year who have had huge shifts in their lives. They are manifesting more than ever. It can be hard to face difficult emotions and often not even know what we’re feeling. But with some guidance and the right tools anyone can do it. Are you committed to going through the process?

3. Do you want to manifest more?
Creating the life you want is easier once you blow past the blocks that hold you back. Emotional wounds, incorrect thoughts and beliefs all contribute to keeping you stuck in the old patterns, not to mention, your ancestors thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are part of your DNA. You’ll learn energy releasing tools and develop habits that empower you to handle any situation and overcome obstacles. Are you ready to manifest?

4. Do you know anything about energy work, the Gene Keys (I Ching), or full moons?
It doesn’t matter. This could all be totally new to you, and it’s okay. You’ll receive the “Cliff Notes” on these tools. These tools are deep and rich. Every year I unravel deeper levels of healing. The clients that have been using these tools for the past year are seeing amazing results. Where do you see yourself a year from now? Five years from now? Without doing the work, you’ll be in the same place you are now.

5. What if I subscribe and decide this program isn’t for me?
If you determine this isn’t right for you, simply email me and your subscription will be cancelled. You can also invest in a single month to try it out. I get it, the healing work can sometimes be difficult. I know — I had to go through my fair share of crap (life lessons) so I could authentically teach. The good news is the tools from this program accelerate your emotional releasing process so is far less painful. This course makes it easier to reclaim your life you are meant to lead.

Are you ready to claim your extraordinary life?
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DNA Activation – Choose Your Options

DNA Activation monthly subscription gives you full access to EACH MONTH’s information about releasing tightly held beliefs of your ancestors stuck in your DNA. This program offers an opportunity for transformational healing on a deep, quantum level so you create a wildly abundant life now.

  • emails with DNA Activation information
  • Human Design information
  • monthly mastermind calls
  • meditations and exercises
  • monthly webinars
  • other tools

The monthly subscription payment option saves you almost 30% over the monthly drop-in rate

Each month you’ll receive information (emails) about the various DNA Activations we will transition through with the Gene Keys (I Ching). You will receive access to meditations and exercises with the Gene Keys to help unwind the DNA so you access more light from within your DNA and heal deepseated emotional issues.

Each month you will also be able to join us for a live monthly DNA Activation and Full Moon conference call. During these calls we will talk about tracking your progress and celebrate the synchronicities that help us manifest more.

The VIP (MONTHLY) Subscription saves you almost 30% per month over the Drop-in single month option. You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting me prior to your next subscription (monthly) payment.

DNA Activation Monthly Subscription
DNA Activation Monthly Subscription
DNA Activation monthly subscription gives you full access to each month's information as we transition through each of the 64 I Ching hexagrams.
Price: $47.00

DNA Activation - Annual Subscription
DNA Activation - Annual Subscription
Save 17% over the monthly subscription rate by investing in the DNA Activation annual subscription. You'll have access to 64 Gene Keys (I Ching hexagrams).
Price: $470.00

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