We have all experienced some sort of emotional wounds.

Some of the scars are more visible than others. Most emotional wounds occurred before we reached age 7. Because we didn’t know how to process them, we changed our personality and behavior to avoid feeling them again. We buried the emotions to protect ourselves.

The challenge in doing this is the “fear” of feeling that way again is the very thing we are projecting to the world. They haunt us. We do whatever we can to avoid or escape them. When in reality if we learned to resolve them we would unlock a new level to ourselves and what we manifest.

Essential oils support us by healing emotional wounds

Essential oils help us retrain the brain.
The amydala is a part of the brain that produces an automatic response related to fear and fear conditioning. Essential oils can help retrain the brain and release automatic fearful responses. We can inhale an essential oil along with a mindful emotional practice to release conditioned fear. Click HERE to visit our Mindfulness page to learn more about using essential oils with an Emotional Mindfulness practice.

Essential oils and healing emotional wounds supports our physical body.
There are many scientists that see the correlation between emotional wounds and the breakdown in the physical body. When we release the lower energy (emotional vibration) the body has the opportunity to heal. Physical issues can be viewed as a symbolic representation of emotional issues. For example, someone who has difficulty making decisions or processing life may have stomach or digestive issues.

Take responsibility for your emotions.
This isn’t easy. It’s much easier to blame external circumstances or other people. The part we want to change is how we “feel” about the situation. Holding onto emotions such as blame, shame, or guilt we keep our vibe low. When our vibe is low we feel unworthy to receive all the good stuff the Universe is waiting to send us. There are particular essential oils that can assist you in releasing lower vibrating emotions, raise it, and align with the good stuff you want.