Your emotions are directly tied to big heart puzzle
your ability to manifest.

Every emotion you feel has a vibration to it. There are many uncomfortable emotions that you try to avoid, bury, or deny. But this only holds you back from creating what you really want.

I want to help YOU learn how to manage your emotions better!

3-Week Emotions & Essential Oils Course

As a Capricorn, I love creating systems.
And I’m going to teach you systems for managing your emotions using essential oils and other tools.

During this three week course
– you will learn how to identify what you’re feeling
– learn how to manage emotions
– overcome feeling unworthy or undeserving
– learn how to utilize essential oils to support emotional release
– create systems that help you manage your emotions
– manage your vibration so you attract more good stuff to you
– discover how to be more mindful of your emotions
– tapping exercises and tools to help you manage them
– identify specific emotions versus general ones such as stress or anger
– develop healthy habits instead of sabotaging ones

Video Conferencing on Oct 26th, Nov 2nd, Nov 9th
9pm ET | 8pm CT | 7pm MT | 6pm PT
Via Zoom video conferencing
All calls will be recorded.

During each video conference you will:
– learn about two of the essential oil blends to support your emotions
– practice tapping exercises to release past programming
– discuss questions and emotions that crop up

I LOVE essential oils!

I’ve been working with them for over 15 year. It wasn’t until the first chakra balancing course I taught in 2012 where I personally had such a profound shift that I knew I had to teach people how to use them for their spiritual development and emotional healing.

Investment for the Emotions & Essential Oils Course
is usually $150

plus the cost of the Essentials Oils

That’s around $400

Pink Present

But I want to GIVE you a GIFT!
It’s close enough to the holidays, right?

You’ll receive the course for FREE!

That’s a $150 GIFT!

When you purchase the Emotional Aromatherapy System.

Let’s get 2016 off to a GREAT start.
You DESERVE this gift for yourself!

You’ll have the tools and systems you need to make 2016 a huge success.

How to get started

1) Are you already in my Essential Oil Family?
Purchase the Emotional Aromatherapy System ($159) by October 21st

2) Do you want to join my Essential Oil Family?
Click HERE to get purchase the Emotional Aromatherapy System by October 21st
Go to “Join & Save”
Select your country
Select “Wholesale Prices”
Input your personal information
Select the “Emotional Aromatherapy Enrollment Kit” ($195) from images
Input payment info
Voile’ you’re done!

It’s that easy.

With a new wholesale account you’ll also receive a FREE essential oil of your choice (value up to $25)

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PLUS as an added bonus you’ll receive
a video with holiday gift ideas
using these essential oil blends.

You can share the LOVE with your family and friends!

This course is going to be AMAZING!
You’re going to want to join us!

Order by October 21st to have your oils
for the October 26th Class.

Want a get a taste of the Emotional Aromatherapy System?
Check this out!
Emotional Aromatherapy Webinar