Energy Work

What is energy work?
Energy work is a method of shifting the energy of your body. It helps shift patterns and release emotional blocks that cause you to feel stuck. It may be the most efficient, least invasive way of improving the vitality of your cells and psyche.

Energy work is like defragmenting your computer. If you computer unexpectedly shuts down the system become fragmented. The same thing happens to your energy fields. When you experience traumatic events you change your behavior and personality to avoid feeling that way again. However, now you operate from a vibration of fear not flow causing you to attract more opportunities to feel that way again.

Benefits of Energy Work

  • vitality when you’re drained
  • health when you are ill
  • uplifts your body and spirit
  • restores the natural flow of you body

Conventional medicine at its fundamental level focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissues, and organs.
Energy work at it’s foundation focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the vitality of cells, tissue and organs.

Is Energy work new?
Energy work has been around for thousands of years. In every culture and every medical tradition, healing was accomplished by moving energy. It is becoming a more widely accepted form of treatment from the medical community.

How Does It Work?
Jana provides in-person and remote sessions for energy work. She has a world-wide clientele. She is an empath and feels a person’s energy. She restores balancing by working with four primary energy systems – personal belief system, patterns passed down from ancestors (DNA), past life patterns and karmic ties, and collective beliefs.

What Should I Expect?
Energy work helps shift old patterns and brings in higher vibration such as love. My clients experience feeling more calm, grounded, and feel empowered with their life. They feel they have more choices and new possibilities where fear held them back. As they raise their vibration, the attract better opportunities to them.

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Sessions last between 45-60 minutes

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