Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. Frankincense was once regarded as the “King of oils” because it was considered more precious than gold. They have been used for religious ceremonies, healing rituals, and preservation of the dead.

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Why use essential oils?

Essential oils have gained popularity over the past couple of decades.They support the body on several different levels. They work by changing the blood chemistry and providing support so the body can heal itself. Therapeutic grade essential oils are safe, natural, and an effective way to manage our health.

Essential oils can be used to support the physical body, help release emotional trauma and spiritual distress. They may also help us in resolving ancestry patterns such as addictions, abuse, and other patterns programmed in our energy field.

The art of healing comes from nature not a physician.
Therefore the physician must start from nature with an open mind. ~ Paracelsus

Not all essential oils are created equal.
Since it is an unregulated industry many products on the market contain lower quality oils and fillers which diminish their effectiveness. Lower quality oils results in lower quality results.

What can essential oils do for you?
They can help us feel calmer and grounded. Essential oils have been found to support us in releasing emotional wounds. Science has determined that emotional wounds are stored in a part of the brain called the amygdala. It has also been discovered that our sense of smell is the primary way to unlock emotions in the amygdala. We can use essential oils to support us as we release emotional wounds and restore balance.

Manifesting more with essential oils.
Resolving emotional wounds helps us manifest more too. All emotions vibrate at a certain rate. Think about when you have been upset and felt like you blood was literally boiling. Since we are magnetic beings, we attract vibrations that are similar to what we project. Holding onto lower vibrating emotions such as shame, guilt, and anger cause us to attract lower vibrating stuff to us. We can learn to shift our vibe by using essential oils to manage emotions and balance our energy.