Gratitude is one of the most simple, yet powerful tools we can use.

Being grateful for whatever we already have helps us attract more.
It is a feeling that generates a high vibration.Gratitude

It’s one thing to express gratitude…
but magic happens when we feel gratitude.

Gratitude is a high vibrating frequency that ranks up there with love, joy, and peace.
It generates magnetic feelings around our heart and soul.

Gratitude can be as simple as admiring the beauty of nature or observing a kind gesture. When we mindfully express gratitude we enhance our magnetic field so we attract more of the good stuff we want.

There are two important facets of gratitude

Gratitude for
what you already have

  • brings you into the present moment
  • shifts the focus from worrying about the past/future
  • opens you up to receive more

Gratitude for
what you want

  • programs the subconscious with what you want
  • raises the vibration around what you want
  • enhances your vibration so you attract more

Gratitude Exercise

Manifest more with affirmations such as, “I am so grateful that I now have …
How does that feel in your body?
Focus on whatever you feel without judgement.
Does it feel natural? Do you feel excited about manifesting this?
Do you feel hesitant, fearful or enthused?
Imagine using your breath to encircle what you feel.
The power of the breath can be used to intensify positive feelings as well as release fears and resistance.

Practice gratitude every day.
Set an alarm to spend five or ten minutes mindfully practicing gratitude, or writing in a gratitude journal each day for the miracles you received.
Gratitude amplifies whatever we want to create.
Enhance your ability to manifest by practicing gratitude for everything you have now.
Feel it! Don’t just recite the words, but mindfully feel gratitude in your body.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude and manifest more!