We are magnetic beings.

We are constantly attracting everything to us.

Science has determined that the heart generates the largest electromagnet field in the body. We may not be able to see the field, but we can sense it. Studies show that our heart plays an even greater role in our mental, emotional, as well as physical body than originally thought.

We can learn to enhance our ability to manifest by practicing Mindful Heart Magnetics Exercise. These simple exercises can be done anytime needed to raise our vibration and help us attract the good stuff we want.

Once you learn how easy it is to engage the magnetized heart, it’s easy to transmute lower vibes such as fear, guilt, or shame, into higher vibes such as joy and unconditional love. The more we mindfully manage our emotions the easier it is to create and sustain our results.Bigstock_87736814

Besides manifesting, creating a Heart Magnetics routine may help lower blood pressure, intensify our connection with ourselves and other people. There may also be a better sense of balance, clarity, and composure.

Click below to listen to a simple Heart Magnetics Exercise. Try this exercise first thing in the morning and set a high intention for the day. You may be surprised at the miracles you create.