There is a movement taking place on an individual level and in the business realm. It is moving us into alignment with something bigger than ourselves. More and more people are in some sort of shift where something inside of them is calling for a change. We are each being called upon to bring our gifts to the world. It’s time to tune in, listen, and connect with other like-minded people who are here to support us on our quest.

To be success in business, you don’t need an MBA. In fact having a traditional MBA may actually hold you back. You would be programmed with outdated business models that are ineffective. We are creating a new type of MBA – Mindful Business Academy.

We are moving away from fear and control, and moving toward operating from a heart-centered space, living from integrity, and learning to go with the flow. I know what it takes to success in business. I’m one part retired tax accountant, one part business development coach, one part intuitive healer, one part life coach, all mixed together with a few sprinkles and sparkles to keep things interesting.

The Universe has all the resources to get you there. It’s up to each one of us to be open to receive them. I combine practical business steps with the 7 major chakras. (image of chakras) to help you understand the key components of business at a completely different level. When you have a plan, and work a plan you’re more likely to succeed. Plain and simple. You need a map to help you be successful. Everyone who has been successful has always had a coach or mentor that helped them understand their blind spots.


7 Stages to business enlightenment



Purpose – what is my purpose?
Passion – what is my passion and compelling message?
Presence – how do I present yourself, what is my style?
Programs – what programs and products do I offer?
Platform – what is my platform for distribution and brand?
Perception – what are my perceptions, and business intuition?
Partnerships – who do I partner with?

I’ve combined ALL of my skills and information as a former tax accountant and intuitive life coach to provide heart-centered entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners sustainable business coaching that is aligned with the seven major chakras. That’s right I’m blending solid business success tools and the woo woo stuff to get a divine business strategy.

When we integrate our divine skills with a plan, our business becomes more accepted by our clients, we have confidence in it, and we are more likely to be successful.

I want you to be more successful, make more money, and serve more people. I know what it’s like to be a struggling healer. I did it for SO many years. I thought my skills as an intuitive healer was my gift to the world. But I discovered that I needed to integrate my skills as a business person along with my understanding of a holistic biz to help other coaches, heart-centered entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners learn how to make more money and serve more clients.

They need the nuts and bolts of business without getting a Masters degree in business. I’ve got that part covered. In fact I was SO resistant to going back into the accounting field, the universe literally had to take everything away from me so I would HAVE to go back to work in the corporate world. What I learned is I needed to approach business from a different perspective than I had in the past. And learn to lead from my heart and intuition instead of logic and ego.

I like money. I love teaching holistic healers, coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs how to make money. With over 25 years as a tax accountant, I was inspired to marry my business skills and my experience as a holistic practitioner led me to understand my calling is to help coaches, holistic practitioners, and heart-centered entrepreneurs make more money and serve more people.

Enlighten Your Business