I’m Not Enough

Financial Freedom Friday

Life consists of many different areas.

You have your family, work, friends, relationships with colleagues, fitness, mental and emotional health, and other areas. It’s very common to feel that you’re falling short in one or more of them.

Even if you’re not consciously thinking about it, there are the subtle messages:

You’re not earning enough.

You’re not spending enough time with my spouse/partner/kids, etc.

You don’t have enough time for yourself.

Combine any of these statements with comparing ourselves with other people, and we are telling ourselves we’re not good enough in one or more areas of our lives.

But there is a way out. It’s being mindful.

Instead of allowing those thoughts of not being enough or believing you should be more – be mindful of what you’re telling yourself. Those subtle messages are little digs that cause your ego to keep you stuck in I’m not enough.

When you soften the lines of perfectionism and comparing yourself to other people, you’re more present. You acknowledge and even applaud the slow and steady pace you’re making.

You see creating wealth is about three things – patience, persistence, and a plan.
There aren’t many people that just “fall into being wealthy.” They have a plan to get there. They are like the turtle – slow and steady wins the race. The ego (the hare) pushes us to compete and “win” but this mentality sets us up to feel worse about ourselves when it doesn’t happen in the anticipates time frame. We may actually fall deeper into despair, feeling not enough.

When we are mindful about the subtle messages we’re telling ourselves and being more present with ourselves, we shift our perspective. Allowing ourselves to receive more.

This week play with these questions:

  • Where are you comparing yourself to others?
  • Where are you pushing yourself in perfectionism?
  • What areas of your life do you feel you’re falling short?
  • Are you being present with your thoughts?
  • It’s time to take yourself less serious, lighten up!
    Being more present helps you feel more relaxed and actually enjoy life.

    Until next time – wishing you a wildly abundant week!

    Jana Groscost


    Hi, I'm Jana Groscost - The Money Muse, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. I'm passionate about empowering people with the tools to live an extraordinary, abundant life.

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    1. Karen /Reply

      Reading this makes me think that I can be better. Just being a positive person isn’t enough. Mindfulness is what I need to practice. Thanks Jana!!

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