We are magnetic beings.

We are constantly attracting to us the stuff we want and the stuff we don’t. Energy goes where our attention flows. It is our mind that shapes and directs our results.

Do you want to attract more of the good stuff to you?

We can learn how to amplify what we attract do us. MoneyMagnet

First, what do you think or believe?

Whatever thoughts are consistently running through your head, or what you believe is possible will be the results you get. Retrain the brain through the use of affirmations and empowering questions.

Swap a Thought
Anytime you catch yourself playing the “old program” switch it to what you want to create. For example you may say, “It’s so hard to make ends meet?” Switch it to an affirmation such as, “I am great at making and managing money.” Or and empowering question such as, “Why is it so easy to be financially successful?”

Of the 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts you have everyday, how many do you control?
The subconscious can’t reason. It simply accepts repetitive thoughts and beliefs. If you keep telling yourself you’re not enough, you’ll never have enough.

You hold the power to stop the old programming and create something new with every thought.
Be mindful of what you’re thinking. Question yourself, “Why do I think or believe that?” You may be surprised how easy it is to change the program and get different results.

Magnetize yourself by managing your thoughts and beliefs.

If you believe you can or can’t, you’re right.
– Henry Ford

Second, what do you feel?

The secret to manifesting is not based upon solely what we think, but what we feel. We attract everything based upon our vibration. Therefore vibration is affected by feelings. It’s our feelings that attract our experiences. Every emotion we feel holds a vibration. Emotions such as shame and guilt vibrate at low rates while joy and love are high vibrating.

Whatever feeling we project we attract a similar vibration. Listening to music, reading books, and other that helps you feel good causes you to attract more good stuff to you. Choose to engage in activities that help you feel good, magnetizes you to attract good stuff.

Emotions are our guidance system.
By tuning into what we feel, we can make adjustments so we attract what we want.