Essential oils help us manifest.
In our humanness it’s difficult to hold a consistent vibration. Our emotions may be all over the charts in a single day. Using essential oils supports us by helping us feel calmer and less chaotic.

slide-happyScientists have proven that everything vibrates. We all feel energy on some level. We can be more attuned to our personal energy and the energy of other people can help us to manage it. The chemical constituents in essential oils works naturally with our body’s chemistry to enhance or accelerate the results we want. As we release deep seeded emotions we now operate from a different perspective, or vibration.

We are magnetic beings.
What that means is we are constantly attracting everything to us. Even the stuff we don’t want. We can learn how to maximize our ability to manifest by healing emotional wounds. Essential oils may help. As we feel better about ourselves, we attract better stuff to us. Using essential oils such as wild orange or lemon elevates our mood, helping us feel inspired.

Essential oils support us physically and emotionally. This in turn helps us create or manifest more of the good stuff we want.

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