You want success! Lot’s of success!!!

There is a simple formula to help you get whatever you want.



Magnify = “to make something larger or more important.”

Magnifying GlassDo you want more money, but struggle financially?
Do you want healthy relationships, but feel like a doormat?
Do you want better health, but sabotage healthy habits?

You magnify everything.
Whether consciously or unconsciously you magnify desires, as well as fears. The more conscious you are of the results you’re getting the easier it is to change thoughts, and identify emotions and/or patterns that contribute to current results. To get what you want, be conscious of what you’re magnifying.



Magnetize = “to attract; to cause something to become magnetic; to hold interest of someone.”

Do you want to attract your perfect partner?
Do you want attract better health?
Do you want to attract more money?
Do you want to attract an awesome and rewarding career?

You are magnetic being.
You attract everything, even stuff you don’t want. What you feel affects your vibration. All emotions vibrate. Love, joy, and peace all vibrate high while guilt, shame, despair all vibrate at low rates. Changing your vibration is the answer to attracting what you want. You MAGNIFY what you feel.



Manifest = “clearly shown or visible; able to be seen; easy to understand”


You are a manifestor.
You were born to create. You were gifted with an imagination, intellect, and inner passion to achieve greatness. Experiencing happiness, success, and a sense of purpose through expressing your unique talents and abilities is your divine right.

Do you want abundance – in relationships, money, health, or whatever?
Are you ready to create different results?


Of course!

You want success.

Lot’s of success.

Are you ready to take your LIFE to the (4)


Manifesting isn’t based upon hard work, good luck, favoritism or faith.

Manifesting is simply the universe’s response (magnetize) to consistent thoughts and feelings (magnify). It goes beyond just thinking your way to success. It’s a function of what we magnify. There are three key components that need to be resolved, so we are liberated from limitations, manifest effortlessly, and live empowered.

Jana HeadshotHi, I’m Jana Matthews. For 25+ years I’ve been fascinated, well actually, obsessed with mastering manifesting. I wanted to harness the ability to create what I wanted. Of course, I had to learn many lessons along the way so I understood why we don’t get what we want. I teach people about manifesting and healing emotional wounds. I’m also a business development coach for holistic practitioners and healers with over 30+ years of accounting and business development experience. I know what it takes to manifest.

First – heal emotional wounds, to raises vibration
Second – resolve emotional wounds in our DNA from our ancestors
Third – resolve emotional wounds from past live and karma

Success is a powerful combination of MINDSET, METHODS, and MATERIALS.

How it works – this is a 12 month program to help you get what you want. Are you committed to your success? This 12 month program keeps you on track to get there.

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