Numerology is the study of numbers.
Each number has a vibration and energy to it. In numerology numbers are added together to get a single digit that hold a particular message. This can be done with birth dates, phone number, address, other important dates and even your birth name.

2018 is the year of the 11 (2+0+1+8).
It is also a 2 (1+1).

Number eleven holds the energy of heightened intuition and creativity.

This year can be different. Very different if you’re willing to work with the energy and go with the flow.

What will you do to enhance your life this year?

Personal Year Number.
In addition to overall numerology of the year, we can easily calculate our personal number to glean insight into it’s particular characteristics that are distinctive to us. This is achieved by adding your birth month and day to the current year. For example, my birthday is January 17th. So my personal year is 1+1+7+2+0+1+8 = 20 which is reduced to a single digit 2 + 0 = 2. So my personal year is a 2.

Here is a list of he personal year numbers and a description of their characteristics.

Personal Year Summary:
Personal Year 1: A year of new beginnings, seed planting, and high energy

Personal Year 2: A year of relationships, sensitivity and cooperation

Personal Year 3: A year of creativity, motivation and inspiration

Personal Year 4: A year of hard work, discipline and opportunities

Personal Year 5: A year of change, unpredictability and freedom

Personal Year 6: A year of responsibility, domestic affairs and service

Personal Year 7: A year of contemplation, self-awareness and spiritual atonement

Personal Year 8: A year of reward, recognition and respect

Personal Year 9: A year of completion, release and transformation

Master Numbers:
A Master Number is a repeating number that doesn’t get reduced to a single digit. They are an amplified energy of the single number it would be reduced to. For example 44 would be reduced to an 8 (4+4).

Personal Year 11: Master Psychic – heightened spiritual perceptions, intuition, study of the unseen realms, musical and artistic pursuits. This is an amplified 2 because 1+1 = 2. So also review the 2 energy and heighten it with these characteristics. This is a significant number in my life. My Life’s Purposes number is an 11. You calculate your Life’s Purpose by adding up your birth date = month + day + year.

Personal Year 22: Master Builder – highly sensitive to physical and emotional elements. Master’s details and capable of bringing ideas into physical form. Very good at manifesting anything. This is an amplified 4 (2+2), so review the characteristics of a 4 also.

Personal Year 33: Master Giver – these people are very selfless. They are involved in humanitarian efforts for the good of many people. They carry a deep spiritual wisdom and are motivated by fairness, equality, and compassion.

Personal Year 44: Master Healer – this number is committed to solving problems for others and helping them heal. I see this sequence often, even today I looked at my phone at 444. And solving problems is what I do best! This number is about leadership, inner strength, and conviction. People with this number are very resourceful. Edgar Cayce was a 44. He was able to diagnose, treat, and heal patients while in a trance.

As you can see there is a lot to numbers. It’s a simple symbolic sign from your guides. And when you learn to read the signs and follow the guidance you’re receiving, you’ll have more confidence in yourself and the path you’re following. What does this year hold for you? Leave a comment when you’ve determine what YOUR number is for 2017. It’s a good guidance system to enhance your success!

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Make this YOUR best year yet!