Crown Chakra

co-creative connections
connection to source
service to society
humanity and the planet
higher realms of consciousness
integrated life
multiple streams of income
highest achievement
grounded in life’s purpose

Co-creation, service to society, humanity, and the planet, social responsibility, sustainability, future generations, display wisdom, strategic alliances and partnerships, compassion, humility, collaboration, resources,multiple streams of income, We all have gifts that serve humanity. None of us have all the answers. Since we are all connected on an energetic level, we can work together to create awesome programs and information that serves our collective clients.

What’s included?
Your Partnerships Package include:
– Partnerships Worksheets – a robust compilation of tools to help you define your brand, develop your marketing strategy,
– Partnerships Package Prep Sheet
– 30 minute prep call 1:1 with Jana to gather important information about you and your business
– 60 minute Coaching session calls – Three weekly one-on-one calls with Jana to walk you through your documents + answer your questions

The investment?