What am I passionate about?


The mindful-preneur

  • Is passionate and creative
  • Develops core business values
  • Expresses her signature message
  • Provides innovative solutions
  • Finds pleasure in her work
  • In tune with her feelings
  • Maintains healthy relationships with clients

Characteristics of the 2nd power center – the sacral chakra.
In our physical body, the sacral chakra is the seat of creation. It is associated with the color orange, just like the glowing embers of a fire. It’s where the tools for conception exist – both physically and mentally. It’s where our values reside.

The mindful-preneur values herself.
She reflects her business values to her clients or customers. She finds innovative solutions for her client’s or customer’s problems. She is passionately driven to share her signature messages or products. She maintains balance in her sacral chakra by honoring her internal fire and expressing her brilliance. She attracts the perfect clients or customers who value her message and are seeking the solutions she offers.

Mindful-preneur affirmation:
I easily attract the perfect clients who value my passion and signature solutions.

Mindful-preneur empowering question:
Why is it so easy for me to attract the perfect clients who value my passion and signature solutions?