What are my perceptions?


The mindful-preneur

  • Balances her intellectual and intuitive skills
  • Aware of her client’s needs
  • Is perceptive and imaginative
  • Applies discernment to cultivate clarity
  • Develops innovative solutions for her clients

Characteristics of the 6th power center – the Third Eye chakra
The Third Eye chakra heightens our awareness and our physical senses. It governs our intuition and the ability to receive messages and implement divine direction. It is represented by the color indigo or bluish-purple. When balanced we experience a high degree of clarity, imagination, and balance logic, intuition and wisdom.

The mindful-preneur is perceptive.
She balances her intuitive and intellectual skills to create an amazing business. Through discernment, she clarifies her purpose, supporting her client’s with imaginative and innovative solutions.

Mindful-preneur affirmation:
I easily attract amazing clients who value my intuition and imagination.

Mindful-preneur empowering question:
Why is it so easy to attract amazing clients who value my innovative solutions?