Numerology is the study of numbers.
Each number has a vibration and energy to it. In numerology numbers are added together to get a single digit that hold a particular message. This can be done with birthdates, phone number, address, our birth name, and other important dates.

Personal Number.
We can determine the characteristics of our personal number to help us manifest more. It is another tool to help us understand the subtle influences of each particular year. To determine your Personal Number for the current year add your birth month and day to the current year. For example, my birthday is January 17th. So my year is 1+1+7+2+0+1+7 = 19 which is reduced to a single digit 1 + 9 = 10 and 1+0=1.

Read the description below for Personal Number 8, or click on the links below for other Personal Numbers.

Personal number 8 brings respect and material gain.

It is a year of achievement.
This is your year to make great strides in business, employment, promotions, monetary compensation, and/or the accumulation of possessions. You’ll see the fruits of your labor and reap big rewards. It’s your year to harvest all you’ve been working toward during the last few years.

Ambition will be stirring.
You may be inspired to enhance your financial condition. To accomplish this, it is necessary to be businesslike, efficient, and practical all year. Take time to review or understand your financial situation so you feel stable.

Organization is important.
Monetary gains are likely. Also, opportunities for worldly accomplishment present themselves during this year. Your state of mind, mental capacity, education, experience, and self-confidence are all part of your success and financial advancement.

Implement your ideas.
You feel inspired to make special efforts to improve or implement your ideas. It is also a year that brings a successful conclusion to ideas and dreams implemented in past years.

This is a year of action.
Be efficient. Simplify or remove areas of life that distract you. Focus on your goals. Place your abilities on the market with a sense of self-confidence and authority.

Whether your personal year focuses on enhancing your inner world or branching out beyond yourself, make this year YOUR best year by embracing the characteristics of Your Personal Number!

Other Personal Year Information:
Personal Year 1: A year of new beginnings, seed planting, and high energy
Personal Year 2: A year of relationships, sensitivity and cooperation
Personal Year 3: A year of creativity, motivation and inspiration
Personal Year 4: A year of hard work, discipline and opportunities
Personal Year 5: A year of change, unpredictability and freedom
Personal Year 6: A year of responsibility, domestic affairs and service
Personal Year 7: A year of contemplation, self-awareness and spiritual atonement
Personal Year 9: A year of completion, release and transformation