What is my platform?


The mindful-preneur

  • Conveys her messages, opinions, and beliefs
  • Speaks her truth and listens with compassion
  • Broadcasts her message with passion and wisdom
  • Encourages sharing
  • Strategically markets her message

Characteristics of the 5th power center – the throat chakra.
The throat chakra is the communication center of the body. It manages incoming and outgoing messages. Our ability to make decisions and speak up for ourselves is located here. It is associated with the color turquoise or light blue. Our ability to communicate effectively inspires others to express themselves more freely.

The mindful-preneur is expressive.
She integrates the mindset and skill-set necessary to express her distinctive skills that serve humanity. She displays and expresses her knowledge and creativity through strategically branding her superpowers. Her unique signature permeates every message or product. She attracts clients because she conveys information with poise and integrity.

Mindful-preneur affirmation:
I attract the most amazing clients who value ability to communicate my purpose.

Mindful-preneur empowering question:
Why is it so easy for me to promote myself?