How do I present myself?


The mindful-preneur

  • Radiates her purpose through her presence
  • Develops a strong sense of self
  • Recognizes her unique skills and talents
  • Embraces and expresses her superpower
  • Takes action

Characteristics of the 3rd power center – the solar plexus.
The solar plexus is where our personal power lies. It’s our gut instinct. The solar plexus is associated with the color yellow. It the fire of our being. Our willpower and ability to take action are located here. It’s how we bring ideas generates in the sacral chakra into motion.

The mindful-preneur is powerful.
She embraces her power and develops a strong sense of self. She radiates her purpose through her presence. She recognizes her unique skills and talents – her superpowers, and utilizes them to serve humanity. She honors herself and clients by taking action, being efficient and productive.

Mindful-preneur affirmation:
I easily attract the perfect clients who value my superpowers and presence.

Mindful-preneur empowering question:
Why is it so easy for me to attract the perfect clients who value my presence and superpowers?