What is my purpose?


The mindful-preneur

  • Knows her purpose
  • Leads by example
  • Develops a strong foundation
  • Provides a sense of stability, safety, and security
  • Identifies with her clients or customers
  • Is authentic and engaging

Characteristics of the 1st power center – the root chakra.
It is the foundation that provides structure and stability for the rest of the chakras. The chakras work as a system. In our personal life, the 1st chakra relates to our family or tribe and how we interact in society. Our family is where we learn the fundamentals of how care for ourselves. Since we learn by example, our thoughts and beliefs are shaped within the family dynamic. The root chakra is associated with the color red and brown as it relates to the our life force and earth elements.

The mindful-preneur is driven by a purpose, mission or message she wants to express.
She identifies her purpose and the people she serves. Without a solid foundation it’s difficult for clients to follow her. She seeks clarity, balance, and stability, and her clients relate to her. She establishes healthy boundaries in her personal and professional life to maintain harmony in her root chakra. She passionately expresses her purpose to her tribe.

Mindful-preneur affirmation:
I attract the perfect clients who relate to my purpose, mission, and message.

Mindful-preneur empowering question:
Why is it so easy to attract clients who relate to my purpose, mission, and message?