Purpose (2)


The success of a business depends on its foundation. A strong foundation provides stability, safety, security, and a feeling of being grounded. When we can establish these elements within us, we provide these characteristics to our clients. One way of creating this foundation is asking the following questions. This creates clarity for yourself as well as the clients you serve. I know you’re thinking, “But what I offer will help everyone!” I get it! When we have such a broad perspective of who we serve we try to please everyone. We become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

You are a leader. If you’re an entrepreneur, then you are driven by a purpose, mission or message you want to get across. Because of your purpose or mission, you have a group of people you want to reach with your message or product. Determining who you serve is a big part of being successful.

Who do I serve?
Think about this for a second. You are a leader. You obviously have a message to share based on your experiences and skill set. So who do you serve? Who is the target audience? The first chakra relates to our family or tribe. As adults our family extends into what I call our “soul family.” Our soul family are the like-minded people we like to associate with. When we integrate this philosophy into business we ask, “Who do I work with? Who is my ideal client? Who is my tribe?”

People LOVE to gather in groups. It’s what humans do. We learn from each other. We are social beings. As a mindful-preneur you are the leader of your group. You are leading your tribe somewhere. Lead by example. People are smart. They see right through the false claims. They sense it. Be authentic.

Lead by example!
People feel the safe and secure when we lead from an authentic place of serving them. People seek out businesses they can trust. We learn by watching others. Lead by example. When we provide a space where people feel safe and secure they want to learn how they can get it too. There’s enough chaos and crisis in the world. Someone that provides something they want to feel or need.

When we lead by example, people feel the commitment to provide a safe and secure business. There’s enough chaos and crisis in the world. People need to feel they can trust your business. We learn by example. People want someone in business they can trust. Someone that provides something they want to feel or need.

Isn’t that the foundation of a heart-based business? A mindful-preneur is business leader that leads by example. They are authentic, heart-centered, and real. They are willing to get in the trenches with their people to do what is necessary to get the job done. There’s no room for egos getting in the way.

Creating a successful foundation supports our first chakra. We define who and what we serve and well as why we serve them. When we define who are tribe or target audience is we get clear and project our clear objective to our clients.

This is the starting point. We can always expand programs once established. As we grow and develop, so does are business. So be flexible and allow the business to also develop organically.

Why do I want to do this?
Why do you want to do this business, sell this product, or offer this service? By clarifying why you’re doing this business you’ll be able to more easily determine who you serve.

What are some reasons you want to offer this product/service?
I want to help people live healthier lives.
I am good at helping see their problems and limitations.
I want people to learn there are alternative ways to be healthy.
I want people to stop suffering with … (something you overcame).
I want people to learn how to get more money.

Who is my tribe? Who do I serve?
Target audience, group, tribe
Who is my ideal client?

Why do I need to know?
foundational building blocks

How do I lead by example?
help people feel safe and secure at a ground level,
display calmness during chaos or crisis

What problem do I solve? Developing your business

How do I solve it?

How do I provide safety and Security to others?

How do I legally protect my business?
When we have clearly defined about what we do and don’t do we feel more secure and confident.

organization & management, employees, support system, accountability

Unhealthy beliefs/behavior: not enough money, protection, security to satisfy the egos’ need for safety

What’s included?
Your Purpose Package include:
– Purpose Worksheets – a robust compilation of
– Purpose Package Prep Sheet
– 30 minute prep call 1:1 with Jana to gather important information about you and your business
– 60 minute Coaching session calls – 3 one-on-one calls with Jana to walk you through your documents + answer your questions

The investment?