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Wealth is about more than money.
Many people believe that wealth is related to how much money they have in the bank. Wayne Dyer said, “You’ll see it when you believe it.” But for most people they believe it when they see it. And it’s difficult for people to feel wealthy when they are struggling to make ends meet.

Income and self-improvement are correlated.
Our ability to increase our income is directly related to how much time we spend on improving ourselves. We begin with the most basic of our building blocks, our thoughts.

Wealth is a state-of-mind.
Our mind can create magnificent results when we learn to us it correctly. There are thousands of thoughts going through it every day. How many of those thoughts go unchecked? Most of them! Monitor your thoughts, weeding out ones rooted in fear or poverty consciousness. By shifting thoughts from negative to positive you begin changing your results.

We attract what we think and believe.
As a magnetic being we attract to us what we focus on and believe. If you don’t like the results you’re getting it’s time to play with the formula. Use information in the steps listed below to create a new system that supports the results you want.

4 steps to help you increase your income.

Step 1: Think like wealthy people do.
Wealth comes in many forms. We just typically associate wealth and actual money. Maybe your bank account doesn’t reflect these types of wealth, but when we focus on what we have versus what we believe is missing, we narrow the gap. Other than money, think about the good that is in your life. Maybe you have an abundance of health. Perhaps you have an amazing family or friends. Find things in your life you already have that you can be grateful for and focus on those. Remember wealth is a mind-set. If your thoughts slip back into poverty consciousness, shift them through gratitude for what you already have.

Step 2: Create a morning wealth routine.
Take at least the first 30 minutes of every day to set your intentions and get yourself in a wealthy frame of mind. Successful people are always improving themselves. They listen to uplifting music, read inspiring information, listen to CDs, podcasts, or whatever “fills their tank.” It’s difficult to focus on wealth when we feel depleted.

Step 3: Surround yourself with successful people.
Did you know your income is the average of the 5 people you hang around with most? So if the people you’re socializing with complain about their situation, you’re more likely to chime in and complain about yours. Want to make more money, start hanging around with different people. As a retired tax accountant I went to school to learn about managing money. But I learned more from talking with family and friends. They gave me the real world education that a formal education can’t always do. Find people that inspire you and take them to lunch or chat over coffee. Ask questions to learn what has made them successful. People love to talk about themselves. Get a free advice from successful people.

Step 4: Find local events.
Find speakers and local events where you can learn more. There are plenty of free programs or almost free events offered by people trying to “sell you something.” Be open to the presentation and information, but beware of the sales pitch. You may get so inspired by the information that you buy into something that you can’t afford or isn’t the right opportunity for you. This is the fear mentality getting the best of you. My rule of thumb – sleep on it. If it still feels like the right opportunity in a day or two, you’ll figure out a way to get in.

When you grow yourself by learning about money, your income also grows.

Wishing you a wildly abundant week!

Jana Groscost


Hi, I'm Jana Groscost - The Money Muse, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. I'm passionate about empowering people with the tools to live an extraordinary, abundant life.


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