Reset Your Word-of-the-Year

Wow, it’s hard to believe we are over half-way through the year!  With the New Moon on New Year’s Day we talked about picking a “word or phrase” to help you stay on track for the year.  We even talked about using essential oils to help anchor your intentions and your word.

With the New Year we always have great intentions, right? You may say to yourself, “This year is going to be different!” However, with Mars retrograde, the Cardinal Grand Cross, and other plants going retrograde, there have been a few distractions that may have taken you off course. But there is still plenty of time to re-commit to your goals and your word for the rest of the year.

One of the challenges is the ego-mind wants to see results. When it doesn’t happen in the way it was expected, the ego-mind gives up. It’s a vicious trap, because it keeps us from achieving our goals.

It’s never too late to begin again!

Every day is a new beginning. So if you slide off track, stop beating yourself up and get back on.

1) Try it on: We are constantly in a state of change. You were a different person a few months ago. Take a few minutes and try on the word you picked at the beginning of the year to see if it still fits. It’s okay if you need to make a change. Flexibility is necessary in the manifesting process.

2) Post-it notes: Plaster your word all over. Place notes in various places so when you open a drawer or your wallet you see your word. It’s a great reminder to get it engaged in the subconscious mind.

3) Let go of perfectionism: Let go of any need for the perfect conditions to get started with your goals. The daily incremental steps create very effective results. Imagine where you will be a year from now if you consistently took small steps everyday towards it.

4) Celebrate: Yes, I’m always up for a party. Acknowledging and celebrating your successes is a great way to keep you going. You’ll probably be more likely to keep going recognizing your progress.

5) Keep going… keep growing: Take some time to reflect on where you were a year ago. What has changed? The changes may not be a big as you had intended, but do you see change? Where do you want to be at the end of the year or next year? What action steps can you take today?

Looking back at my lists from November 2013 I thought I would have been much further along with a couple of projects. I recognize there has been tremendous growth that has taken place as a result of experiences I’ve since I set those goals. I’ve relaxed the deadlines and keep moving towards them.

No matter where you are in the process, just keep taking steps forward. Some days they may be baby steps and others are gigantic ones. Pull out your New Year goals and gear up for the last half of the year.

Celebrating your success!

Jana Groscost


Hi, I'm Jana Groscost - The Money Muse, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. I'm passionate about empowering people with the tools to live an extraordinary, abundant life.

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