Work with Jana

Jana offers various programs, personal and business development coaching, and speaking engagements to support you!

Personally Empowered

Live on Purpose

You’ve always known you are here for a purpose. When your life is aligned with your purpose you

Whether you’re just starting out or on the verge of a big breakthrough, Jana offers an array of programs to help you blast past barriers and align with your higher purpose.

Holistic MBA

Accelerate your success

Say goodbye to the old business model.
This program is a game changer for Mindful-preneurs. Create sustainable results by learning the key personal, business, and money tools necessary to make your business thrive.


Outstanding Performance

Jana is a captivating, insightful professional speaker who finds the right words that wow your audience. She authentically engages with groups of all sizes, inspiring them to take action. Your guests will be elated you booked Jana for your event.

  • Living Financially Empowered
  • Mindfulness Personal/Professional
  • Success Formula
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership Development
  • The Power of Visualization
  • Manifesting What You Want
  • Creating Unshakable Confidence
  • The Power of Thoughts
  • Managing Emotions
  • Living Empowered
  • Maintaining Motivation
  • Take Action
  • Nourish Your Network

Quantum Healing Courses

  • Quantum + DNA Healing
  • Abundance Activation
  • Chakra Balancing
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