Solstice – December 2013

[image position=”right” link=”” target=”_blank” url=”” width=”250″ height=”180″/]The Solstice is a time of transition. It is the point where the light of the day increases for the next six months. The solstice occurs twice a year, one in the winter and one in summer. This year the solstice occurs on Saturday, December 21, 2013 at 12:11 pm ET (9:11am PT).

Throughout history, celebrating solstices have been a way to reconnecting with ourselves, the earth, and each other. The winter solstice marks the beginning of the solar year. There are festivals throughout the world that celebrate the return of longer days.

With the solstice, there is a heightened energy that calls for us to be more alert and alive. Listen to the inner wisdom for guidance and direction, by releasing fears and the need to control the show. The overall theme is to focus on what you want to change within yourself versus having desires to change others. By letting go you’ll move faster and farther towards your desired results.

Although the days are slowly getting longer. Wintertime is an introspective time. It is time a time to feed to spirit and nurture the soul, cultivating relationships with ourselves, family, and what matters most to us. Create a meaningful ritual this solstice the incorporates time to reflect, planting seeds of simplicity, nurturing yourself, as well as, tapping into the profound beauty and magic this time of year brings.

Honor the rhythm of the season and nature by giving yourself top priority this solstice. Embrace the light within and enhance it with meditation and other uplifting activities. It is a good time to anchor your dreams and intentions as we move into Capricorn and the New Year. Set intentions to release the past, and initiate change – using your inner compass to guide you.

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Honor the “light” within you this holiday season! May this holiday season be filled with good times, good cheers, and get ready for an AMAZING New Year!

Jana Groscost


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