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You’ve taken the first step in learning how to manage your energy and understand yourself better. You’ve made the choice to get serious about resolving emotional wounds and break through beliefs and other barriers that hold you back.

Through this program we will activate the DNA by working with the 64 Gene Keys of the Chinese I Ching. As you “unwind” tightly held beliefs and resolve emotional patterns, you allow more light to emerge from within your DNA. As you anchor more light, life becomes less reactive and more rich and rewarding.

Let’s get started so you develop healthy habits that help you create a wildly abundant life!

Here are five essential notes to get you started:

1. The Member Area navigation is where you will find access to the program information including Summary PDF’s and Meditation Exercises for each Gene Key. These are grouped by month for your convenience. In the navigation bar at the top of this website is a tab “Members Area.” Click there to access the information

2. Every 5-6 days you will receive an email with information about the Gene Key we will be moving into. This will help you be mindful about potential emotions that may come up. There are also mindful questions to ponder, helping you discover hidden beliefs and emotions that may be resolved as this part of our DNA is being activated. There is also information about the “Gift” each of the Gene Keys offers. Just being aware of what could potentially come up will help you navigate the process.

3. Additional tools to help you understand this information and how it relates to you includes getting your Holographic Profile. Just like a birth chart, this tool provides information about your unique signature. As we track the various Gene Keys, you can learn which ones are a part of your unique signature. This helps you understand yourself better, where you still need to balance energy more effectively.

4. One other tool that also integrates the Gene Keys is called a Human Design Chart. This also shows the various Gene Key Gates that are prevalent in your life as a result of your birthdate. It’s a fun tool that helps you understand yourself better as we transition through Gene Keys that are in your profile.

5. Each month we hold a live Zoom video conference chat on either the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday at 9pm ET (6pm PT). You will receive an email a day or two prior to remind you. We will discuss your questions, provide information about upcoming energy transitions, and provide exercises and meditations to unwind and activate your DNA. These chats are recorded and available to view under the members area.

Keep in mind, there is a lot of information that is transmitted through our DNA. It’s probably a new concept to most of you. The Gene Keys are just that, keys that help us understand ourselves better and unlock the hidden Gifts within our DNA. Be patient with yourself, be open, stay humble, and most of all have fun.

Together, let’s create wildly abundant lives!

— Jana

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