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You’ve taken a big step in learning about your Money $tory and how to change it. You’ve made the choice to get serious about resolving emotional issues and break through beliefs related to money and success.

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Over the next nine months, you’ll discover what has been holding you back from attracting money, how to change it. As a result, you’ll learn how to establish a plan you and your money that creates sustainable results and financial freedom.

Transform Your Money $tory helps you understand money, energy, and yourself from a new perspective. You will also learn how to “unwind” tightly held beliefs and resolve emotional patterns from your family issues around money and success held in your DNA (programming). As a result, you anchor more light, life becomes less reactive and more rich, rewarding, and abundant.

Let’s get started so you develop healthy habits that help you create your wildly abundant life!

Here are five essential notes to get you started:

1. Check your email for your unique link to set up you “member’s area” access information.

2. Get email updates and important information about the program and reminders for activities and upcoming mastermind calls.

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2. The Members area is where you will find access to the program information including class assignments, videos, recorded mastermind calls, webinars and meditation exercises for the 3 modules. In the navigation bar at the top of this website is a tab “Members.”

3. Secret Facebook group where we will join together as a community to Transform our Money $tory. Here you will see daily daily activities, inspiring information, link for videos, and interact with each other. To get into the Secret Facebook group, click below and connect with me on Facebook

4. Get on the texting list. Text @moneystory to 81010 and you’ll be on the list to receive daily challenges, text reminders of mastermind calls, and other information. If you don’t text, you will still receive reminders through the secret Facebook group.

5. Additional tools to help you understand this information and how it relates to you includes getting your natal birth chart with transits. We will be using our birth charts to determine what astrology signs and planets influence our 2nd, 6th, and 10th Houses — the Money Magic Houses. Learning to “read” this tool helps you understand your unique signature in life. It may provide information to help you understand your personality and why you “work” the way you do. Information is empowering! As you learn about these influences, you’ll have a better understanding of how the stars effect you. It may also help you balance your energy.

6. During the three week “challenge” and “activation” periods we hold a live mastermind calls on Tuesdays at 9pm ET (6pm PT). You will receive an emails or Facebook messages to remind you of the upcoming mastermind call. During these calls, we will discuss your questions, share information about the synchronicities you’re noticing, and support the group as we all raise our money vibe. The mastermind calls are recorded and available to view under the members area.

The program is split up into 3 modules to coincide with the 3 money houses in astrology — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Each module begins with 3 weeks of daily activities. The 3 months between the modules is a time of processing and integration. This gives you time to practice what you’ve learned. You’ll have some ongoing exercises during the 3 month “off” period, and one mastermind call per month. Activities such as ongoing tracking of your money/spending patterns, and clearing emotions and beliefs as they arise are an example of activities during the “off” period. Basically, this information will help keep you be mindful of your relationship to yourself, money, and success.

Keep in mind, this process is about shaking out the core beliefs and emotions that hold you back from receiving more. You may be more emotional as you process the information. As you recognize the old patterns, you can use tools learned in the program to mindfully shift the old patterns, making room for the new ones. Be patient, honest with yourself, open, humble, and most of all have fun!

Together, let’s create wildly abundant lives!

— Jana

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