Transform Your Money Story Join Us

Transform Your Money Story – Join us!
This 10 month course helps you transform your money story. It takes you through understanding your current money story through working with Mercury (communication) as it transitions through the 3 astrology money houses – the 2nd (Taurus), 6th (Virgo), and 10th (Capricorn) and each of the significant roles they play in manifesting money.

You’ll learn how to transform your current beliefs about money into what you want so you attract more of it. You’ll go through exercises to help you discover your destiny so you align your gifts and talents with your career.

Each module will have 3 Tuesday night mastermind conference calls to answer your questions and keep you motivated. Calls will be recorded and available to listen to through the members portal. Daily activities will be posted in a private Facebook group and through the private Member’s Portal so you know what to focus on for the day.

Registration closes May 10, 2017

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Module 1 – Apr 26 – May 22, 2016 – You’ll learn about what your current beliefs are, and how to change them. There will be daily exercises to help you discover your ancestor’s beliefs and patterns around money so you can shift your DNA forever. We have a 3 month break inbetween modules to practice and integrate that lessons and exercises.

Module 2 – Aug 30 – Sep 22, 2016 – You’ll also learn about the practical side of money (6th House) and how to use your money to work for you versus you working for it utilizing concepts wealthy people use. We have a 3 month break in between modules to practice and integrate that lessons and exercises.

Module 3 – Dec 19, 2016 – Jan 9, 2017 – You’ll learn how to align your passion and purpose with your career (10th House) so you make more money and serve humanity with your wisdom.

Each of the 3 modules runs 22 days. There are daily exercises and challenges to help you breakthrough emotions and beliefs that hold you back. There are weekly live conference chats through Zoom (video conferencing). You’ll receive access to amazing tools such as meditations, videos, essential oil information and other tools to help you learn how to release and resolve your past money programming. You’ll also learn lasting tools such as how to heal your emotional wounds and your ancestors unresolved emotions related to money that area part of your DNA programming.


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