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Did you know money worries zaps your energy and breaks up families?
Being unable to pay your bills robs you of your self-esteem.

Worry about money ME

Are you willing to learn more about your money story?
Are you ready to create a new one?

We all have one. It’s based upon your feelings and beliefs about money, and your family’s feelings and beliefs about money. To break the money cycle, you need to know what your current story is, and how to change the emotions and patterns so you get different results.

It’s time to take your power back.


Are you ready to learn more?

I Believe…

    • I believe everyone deserves to learn how to overcome limitations.
    • I believe everyone deserves to express their unique talents.
    • I believe everyone deserves to be empowered.
    • I believe everyone deserves to lead a wildly abundant life.

Manifesting Headshot

Hi I’m Jana Matthews. I empower people. I teach them how to overcome limitations that hold them back from creating the life they want.

Through innovative programs, my clients learn how to transform their lives by resolving emotional wounds, overcoming limiting beliefs, releasing ancestral patterns (DNA) and creating lasting, sustainable results.

For centuries we have been locked into what I call the “Greed/Scarcity Money Model.” Mtn of debt ME

There is an underlying message built into our existing monetary system that we collectively tap into. It implies that there is a limited amount of money, and we each do whatever we can to get our share. We can see this in advertising – buy this or that product so you look better, feel better, or are more appealing to the opposite sex. We need to have the sexy car, clothes, and house so people will love us. There is also a feeling that there isn’t enough (scarcity) or “I need to work hard” for my share of the pie. These are all myths that keep us from manifesting money.

Instead of taking a piece of the pie, this program teaches people how to make more pies.

As Oprah would say during her gift give-away, “You get a pie, you get a pie, everyone gets a pie.” You just need to learn how to get the pie.

I want to help you create as much money as you want.

Honestly? I want to create millionaires!

But to get there, you need a plan.

You need to know about your current beliefs, emotions, and
behavior regarding money so you can Transform Your Money $tory.

Money fascinates me
I’ve been learning about it my entire life. I thought I had mastered the greed/scarcity model when I retired at age 30.

Yes, I retired by age 30.

I had my house and car paid for and had a healthy passive income stream.

Think about how much you pay for your housing and car every month. That’s a lot of money, right? What would your life look like if you didn’t have a house payment (or rent) and a car payment? What would you do with that money? Travel more? Volunteer? Help out friends and family? You can do more by having more. And it’s your birthright to be wealthy!

My initial retirement was short lived.
My system was flawed, and I made some poor choices. But as I go through life lessons I realize there is always something for me to learn, and always something I can teach others. I had to learn how to make money from a different perspective. I needed to learn how to resolve emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that I wasn’t worthy or deserving. I had to go through some tough life lessons, so I could authentically help people.

Now I’m back with a proven system that has worked for me. I want to move you out of the Greed/Scarcity Money Model and into one based on Abundance.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction. Well this goes far beyond the Law of Attraction. When the movie the Secret came out, everyone was getting on board with the concept of “thinking” their way to a better life.

TRANSFORM Your MONEY $tory goes beyond thinking about receiving more money or reciting affirmations. I provide engaging exercises and innovative solutions that make the intangible (thinking) or abstract, tangible. You’ll learn how to recognize your behaviors and patterns around money, so you re-write your money story — the one you want to live.

Changing Your Money $tory
Are you aware of how your current money story is affecting you? Money ancestors ME

What about the money story of your parents and grandparents?

Throughout this program, you’ll learn about your current money story and how to change it. Once you discover what beliefs and emotional blocks are holding you back – whether yours, or the one’s inherited from your family, you can make conscious choices to change the old pattern and create a different outcome.

What sort of tools will we use?

Emotional Release & Belief Breakthrough Tools

    • Astrology Birth Chart and Transits
    • Energy Work to clear False Beliefs and Emotional Blocks
    • Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Exercises (EFT)
    • Essential Oils
    • Meditation
    • Journaling

These are a few of the powerful tools we will be using to release the beliefs caught within your cells. You don’t necessarily need to know how these work or much about them, you just need to be willing to be open, listen to audios, or watch videos, and participate with exercises to help you breakthrough the incorrect beliefs and emotions around money. Through practice, you’ll learn how these tools create lasting, sustainable results.

Yes I’m ready to Transform My Money $tory

Listen to Transform Your Money $tory Podcast?

You’ll learn more about the program, how it works, what you’ll need to do and all the “special offers and registration deadlines.”


How does that affect money? Well, there are 3 money houses in each of our astrology charts, the 2nd, 6th, and 10th Houses. In looking at your birthchart you can learn your patterns, perceptions, and potentially blocks or fears around money.

Knowledge is power.

You may see your bahavior around money when you learn which Houses are in the various astrology signs. By understanding the Shadow side (fears) of these and the lessons you’re here to learn about them (the Gift), you can consciously make choices that help you reclaim your abundance.

Abundance is your divine birthright!

We are all meant to be abundant, but it’s up to us to learn what stops us from getting it. The 3 Houses we will be working with relate to Astrological Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Each of these astrological signs play a significant role in unlocking your optimal level of abundance. For example, Taurus helps us find the beauty and value in life, Virgo provides the practical steps and day-to-day aspects of money, and Capricorn helps us align our purpose with our career.

Did you know abundance is your birthright?

So why do people struggle so much?

It’s within each of us to be abundant. But also within us is the programming codes — our DNA. Our DNA is the genetic coding passed down from our ancestors. So how does that effect us? Well, our ancestors have had thoughts, emotions, and patterns related to money. In fact, scarcity mentality has occured several times over the past hundred years. Our ancestors experienced wars and the great depression. Every thought and emotion we have creates a chemical reaction in our body.

Consistent thoughts, fears, and worry about money starts to change the DNA.

Through the use of energy work we can transform your DNA to be programmed with a new message — one written from a place of abundance.

Why change your DNA?
When we shift our personal DNA we release false beliefs and behaviors related to money. We then can consciously write a new money story based on Abundance. It not only changes our story, but we also change the money story for future generations.

So if want to TRANSFORM Your MONEY $tory and that of your children, and your children’s children, you’ll want to join us. This program will change your vibration and the vibration of the planet as you release your ancestors emotions around money, and feeling worthy or deserving.

Why take this course now?

2016 — THE Optimal Year to TRANSFORM Your MONEY $tory

In 2016 we have the unique opportunity to re-align ourselves and our money story. How we feel and behave related to money is the message we send out to the Universe, and what we attract — or magnetize to us. During 2016 each of the money houses, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are affected by Mercury being retrograde. Mercury is going retrograde in all of the money houses only happens every 5 or 6 years. The last time it happened was 2010. Do you really want to wait for the next one?

How does Mercury Retrograde Affect Money?
During 2016 Mercury will be retrograde during Taurus (2nd House), Virgo (6th House), and Capricorn (10th House). Each of these houses have a different impact on money.

Mercury supports our mental cleansing — therefore your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions around money will be heightened. Mercury retrograde reminds us to slow down and address these incorrect thoughts and beliefs so that we cleanse them and align with truth. How you think and feel about money impacts what you recieve. Each of these houses are in earth signs, and earth signs are where we create or manifest in physical form.

The 2nd House — is what I call “Divine Money” – this is what you *magnetize* naturally through proper use of your power. The 2nd House relates to your resources — do you feel you have resources to work with, are you resourceful? Taurus is the Archetype of the Inner Artist. It is interested in building, beautifying and nourishing the system. It is deeply dedicated and creates long lasting results.

The 6th House – is your “day job money” – paycheck / daily grind / how you sustain yourself. The 6th House typically corresponds with Virgo. Virgo assembles, integrates, and purifies the process. It provides the practical steps, presents ideas, and purifies your thoughts and beliefs to align with Universal Truth. There are Universal patterns and truths that govern all of us. We often choose to create our form of reality based upon our emotions and beliefs. When we align our thoughts and beliefs with Unviersal Truth we are synchronized and effortlessly attract what we want. With the 6th House, we weave ideas into the larger parts and practical side of ourselves.

The 10th House — is your “career money” – when you know your purpose and you get paid/respected for it. The 10th house relates to structure and the container for your purpose and passion. This is the most spiritually evolved of the Money Houses. This House relates to Capricorn and is the Inner Architect.

Your Unique Signature
Each of us has a unique birth chart and the three Houses can be in any of the astrological signs. It’s important to get a personalized birth chart with transits to review the astrological signs each of the three money Houses fall into.

Personalized Mercury Retrograde Astrology Reading

Mercury in particular, retrogrades 3-4 times per year, so it is really good to know when those 6-week periods are, not so you can stop-the-presses of your life, but so you can be prepared to do things a little differently.

These shifts of energy are not denials, just delays, trying to get your attention about something (sometimes) right under your nose. Try to practice *receiving* the cues, clues & directions from around you, then running them through your own Heart/Mind *filter* before making decisions on your own behalf.

Mercury retro 2016

To help you understand the three money houses and how the relate to your unique astrological chart, Kelly Beard will be offering Mercury Retrograde Personal Reading.

To get your personalized Mercury Retrograde Reading
Pre-launch Special Price $75 when you register for the Transform Your Money $tory program. ($99 after early bird specials) click below:

Magic is available in these retrograde times.
It’s a reminder to slow down and tune in, so you allow the magic to emerge.

How does this course work?
There are three 22-day modules with 3 months between sessions to practice and integrate the information.

Course Schedule

Module 1: April 26 – May 22, 2016value-chart
Mercury retrograde in Taurus — assess value and priorities; discover what you want to beautify and enhance personal comfort; develop a sense of security; discover what you magnetize and how to create more abundance.

Daily exercises/challenges will be posted each morning. These will be available on the private Facebook group,daily texts, or in the Manifesting Essentials member’s portal. All calls or Zoom chats will be recorded and available through the member’s portal.

Each module we will have a live call or video chat on:

  • April 26th 9pm ET Kick-off Zoom chat (video conference platform)
  • May 3rd 9pm ET Info + Q&A call/Zoom chat
  • May 10th 9pm ET Info + Q&A call/Zoom chat
  • May 17th 9pm ET Info + Q&A call/Zoom chat

Module 2: August 30 – September 22, 2016
Mercury retrograde in Virgo — determine your practical steps towards leverage, abundance and making money, developing passive/residual income streams; develop routines and strategies to attracting abundance and money.

Daily exercises/tasks will be posted each morning during the above time frame. These will be available on the private Facebook group and/or through daily texts. All calls or Zoom chats will be recorded and available through the member’s only portal.

  • August 30th 9pm ET Info + Q&A call/Zoom chat
  • September 6th 9pm ET Info + Q&A call/Zoom chat
  • September 13th 9pm ET Info + Q&A call/Zoom chat

Superwoman SModule 3: December 19, 2016 – January 9, 2017
Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius and Capricorn — define and develop your Superpowers by discovering your purpose and passion. You’ll also strengthen you inner truth around money and abundance, determine your deeper meaning of life, align your passion with your career; integrate your passion to serve humanity, and follow your divine purpose.

Daily exercises/tasks will be posted each morning during the above time frame. These will be available on the private Facebook group and/or through daily texts. All calls or Zoom chats will be recorded and available through the member’s only portal.

  • December 20th 9pm ET Info + Q&A call/Zoom chat
  • December 27th 9pm ET Info + Q&A call/Zoom chat
  • January 3, 2017 9pm ET Info + Q&A call/Zoom chat

Yes I’m ready to Transform My Money $tory

Uniquely Qualified
I’ve mastered the old Greed/Scarcity model. Not only was I raised learning about key concepts wealthy people use to build more weath, but I also have a Bachelors Degree in Finance/Accounting and a Masters of Accountancy. I know money from the old way of doing things, but I’ve also mastered the spiritual side of money or the “energy of money.”

As an intuitive holistic practitioner/teacher I know how to make intangible concepts relatable and real. I know how to shift your vibration through your thoughts, releasing limiting beliefs and emotions, as well as resolving your ancestors’ patterns around money by unlocking hidden elements in your DNA. I know what it takes to get out of it the old Greed/Scarcity model. When you make these changes, your vibration shifts and you attract higher vibrating, good stuff to you — like money.

My Story
After retiring at age 30, I lost everything within 5 years and had accrued over $40,000 in debt. I was on the virge of bankruptcy. After many years of struggling financially, I had a clear understanding of how most people operate. I felt worthless, had difficulty finding work, even with my college degrees, and once I did get a job, I scraped by. Then last year, at age 51 I retired from my tax accounting job. I had created a substantial income stream that replaced my accounting income. It didn’t take a lot of capital or time to build it. I took time to walk on the beach, exercise regularly, read, meditate, work on my website and publish a book. I had the time to think about what I really wanted to do. It came down to three things.

  • I want to create innovative solutions for people by teaching them how how to break out of the
    Greed/Scarcity Money Model, make money, and live the life they desire.
  • I want to help people live their Divine purpose with passion and joy.
  • I want to help holistic practitioners make more money so they serve more people and heal humanity.

Do you want to discover your purpose and passion?
Then this is the great course for you.

This program helps you take a deep, personal look at your money reality by learning more about your astrological birth chart. The module during Capricorn provides exercises to help you learn more about what you’re passionate about so you can align with your purpose.

There are hidden clues in our birthchart, what I call the Shadow, where we get insight into some of the limiting beliefs we hold. Once we learn how to overcome the Shadow, we gain the Gift of the lessons we learn. We will also use ancient Chinese secrets from the Gene Keys (I Ching) to support resolving your ancestors beliefs around money.

Tools for TRANSFORM Your MONEY $tory
– Daily activities assigned during the Mercury Retrograde periods
– Videos with information and exercises to help you release limiting beliefs including EFT Tapping Exercises
– Audios with information, activation exercises and meditations to release beliefs and DNA issues
– Facebook group where exercises, information, and group interaction to learn more
– Personal birth chart & transits reading related to the 3 Money Houses by Kelly Beard, Shamanic Astrologer (additional investment).

Is this program a good fit for you?

Money Win Lottery

    • Are you sick and tired of financially struggling?
    • Are you committed to your personal growth and development?
    • Are you willing to be open to new concepts and ideas?
    • Are you excited about creating a new money story?
    • Are you prepared to look at yourself as being the cause of your financial story?
    • Are you willing to release limiting beliefs, fears, patterns, and emotions around money?
    • Are you enthusiastic to receive more money?
    • Do you allow yourself to be worthy and deserving?
    • Are you ready to communicate (Mercury) a new money story?

You should avoid this course if:

    • You are resistant to be honest with yourself.
    • You blame other people or circumstances for your financial situation.
    • You are reluctant to address emotions and beliefs around money.
    • You are unwilling to commit your time, energy and financially resources to this course.

Are you willing to make the effort?
I’m passionate about providing innovative solutions to help you breakthrough your limitations, glass ceilings, and emotional blocks so you create abundance.

This course helps you bring the unconscious elements to the forefront so you learn how to move beyond them. You’ll learn energy releasing tools that may be applied to all areas of your life, so you create lasting transitions and live an extraordinary life.

You are worthy and deserving!
I’m looking forward to helping you develop your Wildly Abundant Life! You deserve to receive abundance. It’s your divine birthright. But it’s up to you to claim it and clear our the blocks that hold you back.

My goal is to create millionaires.
It’s not just about making money so we can consume more. The more money we make, the more we can help humanity. And I know we’ll have some FUN along the way! The more money we make the more we liberate and empower humanity. Will you join us on this powerful journey?

Yes I’m ready to Transform My Money $tory

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