Who do I help?
I love helping women master money skills!
Seriously, it’s my passion.

As former tax accountant and life coach,
I’ve seen the hangups people have around money.
They try to use it to overcome feelings of inadequacy
or long for it to provide a sense of security.

It’s easy to say we should be in the world, but not of it.
But how do we find an appropriate approach to money,
finding balance between need and greed?

What is money?
Money is an energy. It’s a medium of exchange.
I love teaching people how to play with energy.
Including their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.
Being abundant is our birthright. Abundance is a natural state.
So what stands between us and receiving more?
Our limiting energy beliefs, fears, and patterns around money.
We can learn to overcome these so we attract more.

Why work with me?
I know what it takes to master money.
I know how to change limiting beliefs and patterns that drive it away.
The old monetary structure has scarcity inherently built into it.
But we’re on the forefront of developing a new monetary system.
We are establishing a mindful relationship with it.

Why master money?
We make better decisions when we understand money.
That’s what I do.
I teach women how to have the right relationship with money.
I provide tools to develop the mindset and skill-set to master money,
As we realize our “authentic calling or vocation” life becomes effortless.

Money magnifies who we are.
Finding joy in working is a gift.
Many people question, What is my purpose?”
Discovering who you are and what you are here to do
relates to finding meaning and purpose through your work.
It’s so inspiring when someone gets it.

When we have a mindful relationship with money and our
core purpose, we contribute to a brighter, happier world.