Wildly Wealthy Women

What sort of tools will we use?

    • Astrology birth chart and transits with Mercury Retrograde
    • Tracking Venus to help us enhance love, money, and a magnetic purpose driven life
    • Lunar cycles to enhance magnetizing and manifesting
    • Energy Work to dive deeper into perceptions, patterns, and programming (DNA)
    • I Ching – ancient book of wisdom from Confucius (I’ve been doing a LOT of readings with these)
    • Essential oil suggestions
    • Meditations
    • Writing/Journaling
    • And other tools as they present themselves

Nearly all money, given or received carries a “hidden charge.”

These tools will help is shifting the unconscious hidden charges you hold onto related to money, wealthy, abundance, and success. Only money that is given or received unconditionally has no charged attached. As money is handled in a “cleaner” way, it will become energetically laundered and easily manifest.

You will continue to refine, transform or re-write your story with the support of Mercury and Venus, as well as bring in some new elements to enhance the process.

Module 1
April 9 – May 3, 2017
[Earth/Taurus – Fire/Aries]

Module 2
Aug 12 – Sep 5, 2017
[Earth/Virgo – Fire/Leo]

Module 3
Dec 3 – 23, 2017

This time we will get to review and upgrade what we learned in last year’s earth cycle. In the earth cycle we were building the container, the vessel to hold and anchor the new ideas and inspiration in physical form. If you build it, it will come. Then we get to dive in with the fire signs, which inspire action, ignite your passion, and get things moving in a big way (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).


How it works
We will have a weekly webinar during the 3 retrograde periods with concepts to ponder and activities to stimulate growth. The webinars will be released on Saturday for you to review prior to our weekly mastermind group call on Tuesdays.

Although this is the preliminary structure, we want to leave room for what wants to be known and what is for the highest benefit of this group.

Since the learning process is about repetition, we will be reviewing some of the information from last year, but dive in deeper, releasing different layers, and reaching new levels of understanding within it, as well as purifying yourself with the element of fire. This process will provide a rich, fertile field to cultivate what you’ve learned and beginning to bring it into physical form.

You’ll have about 13 weeks between modules to integrate what you’ve learned, practice, contemplate, take inspired action, as we prepare for the next cycle. You can also participate in the first round of Transform Your Money $tory that begins about 2 weeks after Wealthy Women modules end.

PLUS you’ll have access to Transform Your Money $tory which will begin 2 weeks after we finish each our Wealthy Women Modules.

It’s a good time to

    • Assess what you’ve earned and achieved over the past year
    • Review goals for this year
    • Tweak your perceptions
    • Release past programming and patterns
    • Enhance your superpowers
    • Master your energy
    • So you magnetize yourself and uplevel your life!

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Wealthy Women [1 payment option]
Wealthy Women [1 payment option]
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Wealthy Women [3 payment option]
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Wealthy Women [8 payment option]
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