Welcome to Manifesting Essentials

Welcome to Manifesting Essentials. Where you learn “how” to manifest more.

We all want something more in life, right? More respect, love, joy, peace, money, power, or whatever. So how do we get it? It’s a part of your life’s journey. Learning how to receive more as you transition from co-dependent relationships, to independence, and finally to creating a co-creative relationship with your Higher-self.

We provide information, suggestions, and tools to help you understand the process better; learning how to attract all the good stuff you desire.

Incorporate us into your journey of self-discovery, mastery, and empowerment by joining free classes and other events. Where will it take you?

Jana Groscost


Hi, I'm Jana Groscost - The Money Muse, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. I'm passionate about empowering people with the tools to live an extraordinary, abundant life.

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